Introduction to the DRONE & WONDER POLE!

The UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), or "drone", has received a bad reputation around the globe for being a weapon and tool for covert observation of targets. There is no doubt that military forces, covert intelligence agencies, and police departments around the world have used drones in such a manner, but drones also have commercially useful applications that actually helps people.

Unlike the airplane-sized drones used to carry missiles, our drones are about the size of a hat box. They have a limited range, limited battery life (about 25 minutes), and require good operating weather. They do carry a small, high-resolution camera that we use to observe rooftops and chimneys. In fact, we use our drone to keep us safe. Without it, we risk our lives simply doing our job of inspecting a home or commercial property.

The drone we use is the DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus. It has a retail price of roughly $1,200 with the camera, so it's not particular cheap. This means we have to be very selective about when and where we use it. It can't be used in windy weather, wet weather, or around power lines and trees. That being the case, not every inspection we perform will be able to take advantage of our drone's capabilities.

How useful is our drone? Imagine if we had tried walking a slate roof. Each step could crack shingles, or worse, we could lose our footing and fall! There are some roofs that are just to steep to walk or are just inaccessible. By deploying our DJI Phantom drone, we not only protect the integrity of the roof by not causing more damage, we also protect ourselves from the liabilities associated with a fall (such as broken bones or worse) and are able to inspect where others can't!

Now, as much as we like using our drone, sometimes we just can't use it. Once again, the drone cannot be used in bad weather, high wind, or around trees and power lines. If any of those conditions exist, then it is likely we have to use an alternative rooftop inspection tool such as our Wonder Pole. This is essentially a huge 30' camera on a non-conductive, telescopic pole that sends a wireless signal to a hand-held video receiver in much the same way that our drone's camera system works. Some like to compare it to a huge selfie stick! Either way your roof inspection will get done right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!